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 Easy Digital Downloads (shopping cart - digital store)

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Marcy Coate
Marcy Coate

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Easy Digital Downloads (shopping cart - digital store) Empty
PostSubject: Easy Digital Downloads (shopping cart - digital store)   Easy Digital Downloads (shopping cart - digital store) EmptyWed Apr 25, 2018 6:24 am

For a few years I have been running one of my websites (DollarDigitals) on Wordpress. At first I was using it sort of like a gallery for showing my designs, with links to the various online stores where I was selling them.

Then I decided to turn it into my own store where people can put products into their shopping cart and then checkout with a payment provider (I use PayPal but there are others available). I had used Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) in the past (selling ebooks, not designs) and was happy with it.

That was several years ago, and in the meantime a lot of things have changed with Wordpress, EDD and PayPal... so this time around I had a few difficulties in getting it all set up... but in the end I was successful, and I'm satisfied with how my shop looks and after tweaking a few things the performance of the various components is smooth (both for me as an admin and for my customers).

I will be creating a course here at Creative Digi Diva that shows step by step how to set up a store using EDD, so please ask me any questions that you have and I will add that info to the course.

PS: the core package of EDD is free, but there are other components you can add to make it do exactly what you want. Some are free and some are paid. They have "express" support for the paid things and "regular" support for the free things. All with support tickets. If they aren't busy they'll answer quickly (during regular work hours M-F) but it may take several days to hear back from them if they are very busy.

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Easy Digital Downloads (shopping cart - digital store)
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