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 Have You Ever??

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Have You Ever?? Empty
PostHave You Ever??

Ever been all in committed to something that you thought would change your life, 
like starting a diet, getting a better job or career, or break a bad habit?

Maybe you even bought something to get yourself ready to "DO THIS THING",
and then BOOM! you don't do a darned thing. 

You may have even done this to yourself a half dozen or more times. It's like beating your head against a wall, huh?
Don't fret, we've all been there whether we will admit it or not.

Our bad habits are killing our chances of having success, or what we really want out of our life.
We form our bad habits and then we turn them over to our habituated Robot self.

Almost everything we do on a daily basis happens automatically, and every change we try to make, even the good ones, 
our taught habits make that very hard. In order to move forward in our lives, we have to recognize the Robot inside 
trying to trip us up. We have to realise that "he - she" will do anything to keep us from what we should be doing and 
our ultimate goal!

Our life will start changing when we tell that Robot to shut up and go away. Our robot can't dream, plan, or create.
We have to step out, take control, even tho it may feel uncomfortable at first, ignore our robot holding us back, and 
start seeing your life the way you want it. 

Once you accomplish taming the Robot, you will feel and be really in control once and for all.

Join our forums to discuss lifestyle decisions and solutions to help you acheive a better life, and piece of mind!

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Have You Ever?? :: Comments

Marcy Coate
Re: Have You Ever??
Post Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:47 am by Marcy Coate
Oh yes, I think this has happened to everyone, at one time or another. It happens to me with certain "issues" in my life. You know, you just sort of wander back to your comfort zone because you hit an obstacle. That's me with dieting and exercise. LOL! Other things I'm able to overcome that temptation to just slide back and stop trying, though. It sort of depends. For example, when I hit an obstacle in certain other areas of my life it makes me mad enough to get serious about it and find a solution to the problem. I suppose it depends on how much importance we place on whatever the "issue" is.

Have You Ever??

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