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 Tips To Make Your Emails & Newsletters User Friendly

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PostTips To Make Your Emails & Newsletters User Friendly

Here are just a few tips to get your subscribers to open your emails 

1. Creative subject lines.

The subject line is the first thing that is seen in your inbox mail
You should always send a copy to yourself to test and optimize them as needed.

Write catchy, personal and casual headlines. Services like MailChimp give you
the ability to split-test subject lines, so utilize that capability!

2. Personalize your emails.

Nobody likes emails that sound as if they are written to the masses.

Research shows again that emails are far more likely to be opened if
they sound like they were written directly to the subscriber.

Use the subscriber’s name in your opening and write the
email as if you were writing a personal email specifically to that person.
Keep it friendly, light, joyful, and your subscribers will enjoy reading your updates. 
Be sure to respond to any replies as promptlyas possible.

3. Put the focus on Quality!

If you send content that is interesting and engaging, you can be sure your 
subscribers will find your content exciting, and are sure to open your emails.

Send them information that can be helpful or interesting in some way. 
A great way to ensure higher open rates is to send more high-quality emails
but with less frequency. The old saying is leave them wanting more Wink

4. Learn to avoid spam filters.

Spam filters are getting more sophisticated, so it’s necessary that you
make sure your messages don't get flagged, or end up in the spam folder.

Avoid spam filters by not using “spammy” words such as “free” “make
money” “get rich”, etc.
Don't put words in all caps.

Personalize, and it will go a long way both in making your subscriber feel comfortable, 
and keeping your mails out of the spam filters.

5. Make your emails mobile-friendly!

The latest statistics state that over 50% of emails are opened on phones,
and that number goes up every month.

If your emails are properly formatted to read easily on mobile devices they will get opened more, 
and you’ll get more clicks!

Hope you got something useful from these tips.
Till next time.
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Tips To Make Your Emails & Newsletters User Friendly :: Comments

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Tips To Make Your Emails & Newsletters User Friendly

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