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 Hi! I'm Marcy. Nice to "meet" you!

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Marcy Coate
Marcy Coate

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PostSubject: Hi! I'm Marcy. Nice to "meet" you!   Mon Mar 26, 2018 9:43 am

Hi! I'm Marcy. Nice to "meet" you!

About Me
I was born & raised in Tucson, Arizona. As and adult I lived in several states (moved 25 times) and I can honestly say that I enjoyed something about every place that I have lived.

I am currently living in Italy with my 2nd husband (who is Italian), and our teenage son. I also have a daughter in the U.S. from my 1st marriage, and a beautiful granddaughter.

My work background in the U.S. was in accounting & business management, in both the public and private sectors. Since coming to Italy I have worked as an English teacher in various settings (businesses and public & private schools) and I also gave private lessons from my home. I've "retired" from doing that, and I now dedicate my time to my family and my digital design business.

I have loved sewing & arts/crafts since childhood, and also cooking. I use recipes as a "suggestion" or starting point, then make variations according to personal taste, family preferences, and ingredients that I already have on hand. Things usually turn out edible, and often they are so good that hubby will say that he wants to marry me again. My son is more finicky, but as long as there is ketchup on hand (to cover unwanted flavors), he will try just about anything. LOL!

I'm an avid reader and keep saying that someday I'll write books of my own, but in reality I'm too lazy for that. I prefer to lose myself in a Regency romance novel (Georgette Heyer is my favorite) or a fantasy (such as David Eddings), or the world of Harry Potter... and I love finding vintage books that you can read online for free, in a wide variety of categories. I often take my tablet to bed with me and read until I'm sleepy.

How I got started in digital design
Hubby is a graphic design professional & web designer. He taught me the basics of Photoshop, and when I discovered digital scrapbooking, I began making attempts at my own designs, and that is essentially how I got started with my design biz.

I do mainly digital papers, digiscrap kits, clipart & printables, but have also done logos and banners for business websites. I also do photo editing for hubby's clients, from time to time.

Creative Digi Diva
I enjoy online forums because you can usually find someone who shares your interests. It's fun to chat about what you're doing, what you're looking for, what you need help with, and give each other advice, etc. When Angela invited me to join, I was excited about joining a forum that focuses on teaching/learning. So we can all share things that we're good at and learn new things from the other members. So, I'm really looking forward to getting to know people here, and starting our new creative adventures together!
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Hi! I'm Marcy. Nice to "meet" you!
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