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 We are a Secure site!!

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PostSubject: We are a Secure site!!   Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:01 pm

Our forum is quite secure, there is no reason to worry if you see any kind of warning about not having SSL or not being secure. 
This is one of the new polocies brought up by googly lol, and has nothing to do with sites like this. 

I do use an ad and pop up blocker thos, not just here, but all across the internet. I personally do too much work on the highway to not have one, I would never get anything done, and for myself, run the risk of becoming distracted, and clicking something I should not. So with that said, if you are fine with ads, by all means, and if you are not, again, by all means use a blocker. You may or may not experience something that doeas not work properly due to the fact that a safe app may need to pop up a window app to work. You can always check by allowing the page access, and see if that was the problem.

Other than that, we are a safe journey into and through learning and sharing. Come on in!

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We are a Secure site!!
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