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 Hello, I am Your Host

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PostSubject: Hello, I am Your Host    Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:09 pm

My name is Angela and I am an artist and an ex entertainer. After leaving the performance end of the business, and before entering the artistic end of my life, 
I ran several shops, stores, as well as dealing in vintage and antique items such as clothing, costumery, collectibles, and even small home items such as cabinets in Los Angeles, and now Richmond. 

In the past I had written a few articles which were published regarding radio, and the music business, and currently have feeds running for publications about our local news here, scrapbooking, art, and more entertainment.

One of the things I do is research new ways to do things on the internet for low cost or free. Although I do pay for hosting for my own websites and stores etc, I am constantly testing new and old web hosts and platforms for validity, and function. At time of writing this post I am testing the InfinityFree host which claims you can build a fully functional website and shopping site for unlimited perks, and without ads. So far it has been pretty sweet, altho would only be good for someone who just needed a simple website to host a blog, or simple store. 

This platform we are on as you read will most likely be the only platform this project will need, and will also eventually house the member store. We are also on a paid hosting platform here at Creative Digi Diva (sometimes just referred to as Creative Diva)

I currently have 2 online stores and a blog where I display my Art On Fashion such as dresses, skirts, shoes and boots, and many selections of home decor items.
I also build and maintain websites not just for my own projects, but on commisioned work for others as well. My favorite thing to do is set up and build community websites for people who need a fanbase, such as bands, and entertainers.

You can learn more about me in a few different places:

Here on the site


To learn more, and read (or listen) to my backstory, please visit this page at my Art On Fashion Website.


To find out even more, about my mate and our lifestyle, go to our about page below, and be sure to visit the rest of our main website for links to lots of our resources



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Hello, I am Your Host
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